January 10, 2012

"Mom, did we do math today?"

Homeschooling Hearts & Minds
I am participating in Homeschooling Hearts & Minds Virtual Curriculum Fair. This week's theme is Discovering Patterns: Mathematics, Logic, and some Science. This theme can include anything to do with mathematics, mathematical thinking, numbers, arithmetic, symbolic logic, critical thinking, and math-y sciences (physics, chemistry, etc.). 

Yes, you did. Math is all around you.

With a couple of learning disabilities in our house, we tend to do math a little differently. We have found that Math Mammoth works great with my two dyslexics. They are able to move at their own pace, and that makes all the difference.

Dragon is using a Glencoe Mathematics text book that we bought second hand last year.

We also make sure that we make math fun. We do a lot of hands on math. It might be a lesson in  symmetry,   or even planning our vegetable garden.

If you have a chef in the family, like we do, there is a lot of math in the kitchen.

If you have a child handy with tools, there is math in that as well.

If you have a gifted artist in the family, guess what...yep math.

We have played some marathon Monopoly Games lately. 

We are currently working on saving money for our Disney World Trip this fall. We are doing a lot of counting money and clipping coupons.

This is how we incorporate math into our daily lives. How do you do math?

For many more wonderful ideas, grab a glass of water and head over to Homeschooling Hearts & Mind.

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Susan said...

Great post, thank you for sharing how you study math without really trying. ;0)

And thank you for contributing to the Virtual Curriculum Fair.