August 25, 2009

Mandalas, Symmetry & The Noun Game

Today we started off focusing on life skills. The boys tag teamed the dishes and Squirrel learned how to properly fold clothes. Of course, she would not fold her brothers' clothing. She had a lot of fun. After we all did a little cleaning the kids jumped on the Wii and played for about an hour.

While I was cooking lunch, the children were coloring in mandalas. While Dragon was coloring his, we noticed that it wasn't symmetrical like the others. This lead to a conversation about what is and is not symmetrical. Dragon argued that there really is no such thing as a mirror image. He said that it cannot be the same because the mirror image is backwards and it is our eyes that fix it. I told him that I was proud of him speaking up. That he did a very good job of making his point. I honestly did not know what else to say. LOL.

After lunch, I read to the children from our current read aloud: The Seekers: The Quest Begins. The children are really enjoying this book. I am only reading one chapter a day. Today we talked about jealousy, compassion for those that are sick, and parental love. There is bear in the book that thinks he is a burden to his mother because he is healthy. I talked to the kids about how mothers never see their children as burdens. We see them as individuals and we love the fact that they are not alike.

After reading a chapter we moved onto math. The kids did their lessons. I have notived that Tracker & Dragon are really getting distracted during math. If I am not sitting at the table, they are goofing off. I have tried to talk with them. Nothing is working. Dragon is taking 45 minutes to do 3 problems. I know that this are a little bit more difficult, but he is spending most of the time staring into space. I am going to have to come up with something else, that or I cannot leave the table to go to the bathroom. LOL.

After math we took a break and watched an IMAX movie, Deep Sea. I get all of the IMAX movies from Netflix. We love them. This movie was no exception. We saw the Pacific Giant Octopus eat a crab. Talk about amazing. The kids favorite thing to watch was the sun star. This thing is HUGE and fast. I am going to try and find a way to make one. I am not quite sure how to do it. After the movie and a snack we moved onto grammar. We played the noun game. I asked Dragon if he wanted to play and he said No, but in the end he had just as much fun. What I did is label the board A-Z. We had to come up with three nouns for each letter. But they had to be different. They had to be a person, place or thing. The kids had a blast. After we played the game the kids then created their own Mad Libs. It was alot of fun.

The kids went out to play until they got hungry. All in all it was a good day.


Magic and Mayhem said...

Sounds like lots of fun stuff! We love IMAX movies from Netflix too. I'll put that one in our queue for when Victoria gets back. Underwater life is so beautiful and amazing, huh? :)

Fairiemom said...

That seems like a fantastic day!
We love making Mandalas and using Netflix has become a regular curriculum supplement around here!
We will have to check out that one!