January 2, 2012

Playing With Words

 If you were to enter my house at any given time, you would most likely hear an audio book or two. We seem to always have one going in the house and one in the car. If you came to my house for lunch, you might hear a poem or maybe an adventure story.

In our house, we listen to a lot of audio books. We also have a couple of read a loud books going at the same time. Dragon is an avid reader and writer. He is constantly coming up with fantastic ideas! He is currently working on his first book. Last year he was able to meet one of his heroes, Christopher Paolini. Ever since then he has been more determined to finish his book. I try to help, but he is way beyond my level. He has just started taking writing lessons from a neighbor. This is his favorite part of the week! In addition to writing lessons, we are using Painless Spelling & Vocabulary. For his Literature we are using Living Books. We pick out classics, read and then discuss them.

Tracker is just starting to come into his own when it comes to writing and reading. He has made tremendous progress since he has started therapy for his dyslexia. He is currently using Spectrum workbooks for grammar and vocabulary. We do a short reading comprehension everyday. I am so thankful to be there when I get to see that spark.  He has homework from therapy that he must do everyday, but he sees them as games. He is also reading anything that he can find on hunting, fishing, and zombies. Quite the combination!

Squirrel is a combination of both Dragon and Tracker when it comes to grammar and reading. She is a mild dyslexic that is an avid reader and writer. She taught herself to read, but still has some difficulties here and there. We are working on those spots every week. She is also using Spectrum workbooks. She is most often found curled up on the couch with a couple of books. Her current favorite is Junie B. Jones.

This semester we are going to be changing things up just a little bit. We will be using Ignite Your Writing. I love this program! I can use it with all 3 children and just make a few adjustments. We have done one or two of the lessons before and the kids thoroughly enjoyed them. Another new thing this year, will be writing journals. We are going to be writing in them everyday. I am going to use inspirational quotes, picture prompts, and a journal jar for inspirations. This semester we will focusing on doing research reports. We will continue with 30 Days of Poetry as well(you can find the file here). The children will each continue using Spelling City. This is a fairly new addition to our day, but the children love it. 

For many more wonderful ideas, stop by the Virtual Curriculum Fair at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds.

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Modest Mama said...

Do you have a good resource for aquiring audio books? We also love them around here, and we get many at the library, but it is so nice to own a collection.

Joi said...

I usually get my audio books from the library. Does your library use Overdrive? You can download some books and listen to them on your computer or mp3. I have had troubles with Overdrive connecting to my Mac. They do not seem to like each other.

I found the following links when I googled free audio books. I have not looked at them in depth, but they look amazing!


If you don't mind purchasing them, you can get them from the big book stores, Amazon or iTunes.


Anonymous said...

Lots of great links here! Thanks!

I have started a new blog. http://redoaklane.blogspot.com

Jessica said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog (Teachable Moments). I have to take some time and check out these links. My oldest is entering middle school next year and I am thinking of adding a more structured writing program to her curriculum. Right now it is totally interest led but I would like to give her the option of something more.


Cindy @ Fenced in Family said...

How cool that your son is writing a book!