March 26, 2012

A Plus TutorSoft Math Review

A Plus TutorSoft MATH is an interactive math program. The multimedia lessons use audio and visual references. The work is all done for you. The software comes with a lesson plan, printable worksheets and exams. If you have questions you can access the Parental Guide-Solution Guide.

My daughter's review of the 4th Grade Full Curriculum:

It was okay. I did not like the fast pace of the talking. I often got confused and felt like I needed to repeat the entire lesson. I wish that the lessons would of taken more time to explain what we were learning.  I liked the review at the end of each lessson. The multiple choice was great. I did not like to do the worksheets with each lesson. I ended up doing them on the computer. I would of liked to work out the problem on my own without the answer choices.

My review of  A Plus TutorSoft 4th Grade Full Curiculum:

I was pleased with the fast installation and set up. I loved the lesson plans. I enjoyed not having to plan every step of the way. I was hoping that my daughter would not need as much guidance as she did with this software. I found that I was often having to stop and explain things a little bit differently. She would get overwhelmed with the speed of the lesson. I believe that the speaker was a little fast. If she could of slowed down just a little bit it would of been better. The reviews at the end of each lesson were wonderful. The multiple choice answers were great boost my daughter's confidence if she was unsure of the answer. It also gave her the opportunity to learn a valuable lesson on process of elimination. We were not thrilled with the printable worksheets. We found the worksheets to be redundant. They were basically the same thing as the review. There was no opportunity for her to do the work on her own. I wish that the worksheets did not have multiple choice. It seemed to eliminate the hands-on aspect of math.. She would just go through the process of elimination and not work out the problem. I found that this was not reinforcing the lesson.

My final opinion is that it is a great program, it was not in sync with my daughter's learning style.

I received a free copy of A Plus TutorSoft Grade 4 Full Curriculum Premium, for a honest review. T