June 27, 2013

Mosaic Review... Classical Historian

I was lucky to be chosen to review two items from The Classical Historian, Ancient History Go Fish and Take a Stand! Modern American History. When I first opened the package my kids all begged to play Go Fish! This was a great way to introduced Ancient History to my children. Squirrel loved the game. We played it two different ways, we played Go Fish first and then we quizzed Dragon on all the cards. He knew every single ones. We even talked Fire Rat into playing. We must of played the game everyday for 2 weeks straight. This has been the spring board for many discussions and searches on the computer. I highly recommend this game to everyone I know! This is a game that can be played and loved by all ages. One of my favorite parts of the game are the cards themselves! They are much more than a playing card. Each card has hints (this is what we used to quiz Dragon), the era the card is from and lists the other 3 cards needed to make a set. 


Take A Stand! Modern American History is a one year high school class. The complete curriculum comes with the following items:
1.   32 Week Detailed Guide for the Parent/Teacher with Take a Stand! Key -  62 Pages
      2.   Take a Stand! Modern American History Student's Book - 89 Pages
3.   Teaching the Socratic Discussion DVD Curriculum - 3 DVDs, 77 Pages
4.    A Patriot's History to the United States, Textbook

5.    The Patriot's History Reader, a Primary Source Book
The 32 Week Guide has walks you through the entire curriculum. The lessons are well planned and very east to follow. I do not know much about Modern American History and I found this guide to be informative and it made me want to learn right along side my child. 
Take a Stand! Modern American History Student's Book is broken down into 2 different sections, Part On: Social Studies Curriculum and Part Two: Social Studies Literacy Curriculum. The firs part takes your child from Immigrations to Religion to The New Deal and Technology as a Cause for Change.  Each chapter takes your child through the process of writing an essay. The first page of every chapter has a brief description, terms to become familiar with and a chart to write down the due dates of each assignment. There are open ended questions that encourage your child to think for themselves, think on a higher level, and organize their thoughts. I found this perfect for my oldest, Dragon. He loves to research and write.
Teaching the Socratic Discussion DVD Curriculum comes with 3 DVDs.  The DVDs are not only for the teacher, but for the children as well. The DVDs will teach you how to use the Socratic Discussion method to your children. You will get to see a Socratic Discussion. The last DVD will teach the Tools of the Historian. I appreciate this addition to Take A Stand! Modern American History curriculum. I am a visual and audiotry learner, and this makes it easier for me to get a grasp on what I am teaching. 
 Overall I love this program for my oldest. I think that it plays to his strengths and that will only encourage him to love history even more. 
 Product Information:

  Recommended for ages 5-195.

 A Complete One Year History Curriculum for High school.
The Classical Historian offers Games for All Ages. You can view the games here.  
The Classical Historian also offers Ancient Civilizations, Medieval History and American History for grades 6-8. You can find them here. 
They are even going to offer online classes!   

If you have any questions, you can contact them by email
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