June 20, 2013

I am not Martha Stewart.....

For years I have tried to be perfect. I have tried to be the perfect wife, mom, friend, homeschooler, leader and many other things. I have finally figured out that by trying to be perfect at a million and one things is not possible. That I am setting myself up for failure.Over many years I have built a wall up to protect myself from those that don't think I am perfect. I have tried to keep all my imperfections from people, I was afraid of what people would think. It has taken a few years, but with the help of friends, the wall has come down.

I am no longer scared of being imperfect, everyone is. I am no longer afraid to say No. Not only am I not afraid to say it, I have said it many, many times. I am trying to embrace the fact that I am not perfect. I cannot change that...I can change how I react to not being perfect. I can do the very best that I can. I can also stop trying to be Martha Stewart! She has an army of assistants...I don't!

I think that it is important for my kids to see that I am not perfect. They need to see me laugh at myself sometimes. They need to see this struggle. I do not want them to think that they have to be perfect, they don't. I think that they are perfect just the way they are.