September 5, 2013

Homeschool Programming Review Teen CoderC# Series

I don't know about you, but the thought of teaching my child any computer skills terrifies me. I can teach them the basics, but programming? That is a foreign language to me. That is why I was so excited to get the opportunity to review TeenCoder C# Series from Homeschool Programming.

TeenCoder Series

Homeschool Programming has two different programs, KidCoder and TeenCoder. Homeschooling Programming Inc is the brainchild of two homeschooling parents who have degrees in Computer Science and over 17 years experience in the  software industry.  Homeschool Programming, fills the void for an all in one computer science program for children.
The TeenCoder C# Series has 2 courses, Windows Programming and Game Programming. Each course should take a semester complete, depending on the pace of the child. They are able to complete this at their own pace. The TeenCoder C# Computer Programming Series can be used to fulfill your high school students requirement for computer class.

Dragon started the Windows Programming Course and loved it.

I asked my 15yr old, Dragon to write this review:

I like it. My overall opinion is it is fun and easy to do. I liked the fact that it was easy to understand, I didn't have to ask for help. Each lesson was well planned and fun to complete. One time I made the computer beep and mom thought I broke it. That was a good laugh! My favorite lesson was Lesson 6, user input.

I would recommend this program to all of my friends. I cannot wait to start the Game Programming Semester!

The Good:

~Student paced independent program. 
~Easy to understand
~Great customer service
~I will be recommending this program to all of our homeschooling friends.
~I do recommend printing out the book or getting the printed version. 

The Bad:

~I had a very hard time with Windows 8. This has NOTHING to do with the program, but Windows 8 itself. We just installed it on an older laptop and it was Great..Easy to install. I honestly wanted to throw my computer out the window. They tried to help us, but it was getting frustrating on my end. It had NOTHING to do with was all me.

Product Information:

TeenCoder C#  Year Pack: $130
TeenCoder C# Year Pack with Videos: $155

For more information you can visit them here.
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