May 1, 2013

Saving Memories Forever Review

   Saving Memories Forever
Saving Memories Forever turns your smartphone into a family history recorder. Just sit down with your kids, parents or grandparents and hit record. Every Story Teller has the opportunity to share there thoughts and memories. Saving Memories Forever provides you with a list of story starters. They are questions that go from their childhood into adulthood. They ask everything from sing your favorite song to what historical events do you remember to tell us your favorite joke. You can always add your own questions.

The neat thing about the smartphone app is the upload button. The upload button uploads your story to their website. Once on their website you can edit your story, add pictures, and share your memories with your family. Your stories are safe on their secure website.

My thoughts:

I wish that I had this app before my grandparents passed away. I would love to be able to hear my grandfather's voice again. I can imagine standing next to my grandmother and recording us cooking together. :) I think that Saving Memories Forever is an amazing app. I plan on taking this with me when I travel and see family this summer. I am hoping to use the app to have a cooking session with my mom. What fun would it be for my daughter to be able to always cook besides her grandmother! I want to capture as many memories as I possibly can.

Saving Memories Forever has a free and a subscription account. The subscription is only $3.99 a month! Not bad. You can use their comparison chart to decide which is the best fit for your family.

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