May 22, 2013

Create Your Homeschool Transcripts with Confidence

This month makes it official, I now have a high school student! There is so much more to consider, credit hours, graduation requirements, extracurricular activities, SAT and an official transcript. The one thing on that list that scares me more than anything is the transcript. The big bad transcript, the one thing that summarizes my child's high school a daunting task to do on your own. Luckily for me and other homeschoolers there is a wonderful new website, My Home School Grades.

My Home School Grades was created by John Echols and Jordan Shute. JOhn Echols is a homeschooling father. Jordan Shute is a homeschool graduate whose passion is computer programming. John & Jordan put all of their personal experiences and knowledge into My Home School Grades! What could be better that homeschoolers helping other homeschoolers?

My Home School Grades provides a secure place to record your students classes, grades, and extra curricular activities. My Home School Grades allows you to print out official transcripts when you need them. There is no need to send away for them.

This less than tech savvy person found this program very user friendly. Once you add your student you are able to create their classes. They have done most of the work for you! You choose the title of the class, the subject, the credits(if needed), grade level and whether or not you would like to grade it. My Home School Grades has many homeschool curriculum publishers preloaded for easy record keeping. If your publisher is not listed, you can choose other or contact them and they will add it as soon as they can.

My Home School Grades customer support is second to none. They have how-to videos to guide you for every step in the program.

If you need help beyond the videos, or prefer to speak directly with them, you can contact them via email or even call them directly. You can tell by their wonderful customer service, that this is their passion. They truly want to help you succeed in creating your child's transcript.

My Home School Grades information:

 5 Things I Love:
  1. It is super easy to use.
  2. It allows flexibility.
  3. I can use my own curriculum
  4. It calculates final grades for me. 
  5. I no longer dread record keeping or transcripts.
What I would Improve:
     1. Grading state requires a different grading scale. They are currently working on making this an option! Yeah!
     2.  Projects...I wish there was a way to include projects. We do a lot of project based learning.

Those would be my only suggestions. I know that this program is only going to get better. They are constantly improving it and making changes.


Learners at Home said...

Chrissy, does this program allow for planning lessons and also creating and /or printing a daily or weekly task list? thanks for any help


Chrissy W. said...


Not to my knowledge. I have not seen anything like that. I would suggest that you contact MHSG. They might able to help.