April 26, 2013

Spanish for You! Review


Spanish for You! is an affordable Spanish curriculum designed for elementary and middle school children. Spanish for You! is a great introduction to the Spanish language. Spanish for You! uses a thematic approach to teach the fundamentals of the language. I received a copy of their Estaciones curriculum. I received e-books of the teachers manual, worksheets, audio and the native speaking audio. 

Tracker was especially excited to start this program. He has wanted to learn a second language for a long time. He loved the fact that it a 'short' lesson everyday. He enjoyed the audio portion of the curriculum. This is perfect for his dyslexia. He is able to hear it and not rely solely on the reading. The one thing that he did find confusing were the pictures for the flash cards. He had a hard time differentiating between a few of the words. We are in the process of redoing the cards, so that they are less confusing for him. 

I found the downloads a little confusing. The original worksheet downloads were not sorted by grade. I am happy to report that Debbie from Spanish for You! has already made that correction. I would also of preferred for the audio to be just a tad bit slower and easier to go back. I found it difficult to just replay one word. We ended up listening to the entire lesson over a few times to.

Our overall opinion was favorable. I think that this is a great starting point for the elementary age group. I would recommend this curriculum to my friends

Spanish for You! offers FREE mini lessons and worksheets

You can purchase  a 4 or 6 week trial....

 4 week trial of the Viajes (travel theme)  Grades 5-8 for $9.99
 6 week trial of the Viajes (travel theme)  Grades 3-4 for $12.99

Spanish for You! has a variety of packages available:

Fiesta: $39.95 for 2 grade levels or $64.95 for grades 3-8
Estaciones: $39.95 for 2 grade levels or $64.95 for grades 3-8

Teacher lesson plans are also now available. They are $12.95 - $14.95.