May 29, 2013

Yes You Can...

Recently, I lost track of what my heart was telling me to do. I thought that I was doing what it was leading me to, but I wasn't. It started with a very simple question. A simple question that went straight through my heart. It stripped me down, peeled back the layers and showed me where my heart truly is...homeschooling. I love every aspect of homeschooling. I love the late nights worrying about choosing the correct curriculum, they show me that I really care. I love the grey hairs from the struggles we have had, it allows me to help guide my children the way they need to go.  I even love those moments that I am completely frustrated with a million questions, they show me that I still have some learning to do. I love when my children question things, it shows their independence! I love Mondays, my co-op friends have become my second family. I love each one of the children like they are my own. I know that this is the single best thing for my family!

I also remembered my love for encouraging new homeschoolers. I understand that homeschooling is not the best fit for every family, but I want to help anyone who would like to try. I want to encourage them to blaze their own trail. I don't want them to be afraid to think outside of the box. It was not that long ago that I was the newbie. I was terrified, this was something new and strange. If I did not have two wonderful mentors, I am not sure I would still be doing this. I hope to be as encouraging, patient and knowledgeable just like they were.

Oh, the question? "Can I ask you a question about homeschooling?". "Yes, yes you can."