February 23, 2013

Blog Planning Made Easier

I am so happy to review this product. I have looked at blog planners for years, wishing that my blog was big enough to warrant one. When I became a member of Mosaic Reviews, they asked me to pick a blog planner to review. I chose Mama Jenn's Blog Planner. It was the single best decision that i have made for my blog. I really do not understand how I have gone this long without this planner.

How did I use this planner? I printed it out and had it spiral bound at the local office store. I then used tabs to bookmark the months. I have the current month, next month and blog statistics marked. This makes it easier to find the page that I am looking for.

Here are some things that I learned since I started to use Mama Jenn's Blog Planner. First, my blog was the perfect size to get a planner. This planner has shown me the potential of my blog. I now realize that I can use this planner to take my blog to the next level.

Click here to get your copy of Mama Jenn's Blog Planner.


Learners at Home said...

I would love to hear how your planning is going and how you are taking your blog to the next levels. Sounds wonderful and I saved the link to check it out :)


charla said...

Unfortunately, blog planning is just not my thing yet. This planner looks like it has so many great features to it.

Nickida said...

Very nice review. I like the tabs you put on your planner

Peggy Dalley said...

Love the tabs! Great Review!

momma24 said...

good job

Samantha said...

Thanks for this review! How big is 'big enough'? :P