February 12, 2013

A Homeschool Sick Day...

Today was a rainy, miserable day. Tracker and Squirrel woke up with a runny noses and sore throats. I promptly told them to stay in their pajamas and curl up. One took the love seat and the other took the couch.

In my state, homeschoolers do not get to take sick days. We must have 180 days of school. If my children were to go to public school, they would get 10 sick days. Well, I made the executive decision that today was going to be a sick day. I let the kids bundle up on the couches. They watched videos, used the tablet and played on the internet all day long. We spent the day watching American Pickers, North Woods Law, Gator Boys, Tinker Bell, Thor, and many more that I cannot remember.

Shh, please don't tell them but they were learning. Tracker is writing a story about a boy who runs away into the North Woods of Maine. He learned some new laws and even some illegal hunting things. This is not only research for this story, but teaching him hunting ethics. American Pickers teaches some history...love it. Gator Boys they had a snake show. The gentleman, Mark, did a show with a gaboon viper, rattlesnakes and even an Egyptian Cobra.

This is what we do on a sick day....what do you do?


Jenn said...

Sometimes sick days are just plain ole needed. At least in my house anyways :). We pretty much do the same thing....cuddle and watch tv, read, and color.