February 26, 2013

Table Talk

Last week, we played hooky for 2 entire days. We boarded our furry baby, packed an overnight bag and took off. We traveled about 2 hours away, just far enough to get away. One of the places that we have to visit when we got to Charleston is Cane's Chicken. It has a simple menu, they only serve chicken fingers. Yummy! It is one of my children's favorite places in Charleston. We were sitting there eating and somehow human anatomy was brought up. I am really not sure how it came about. The kids wanted to know what the most fragile bone in your body was. We had to determine what exactly they meant. Did you mean the bone most often broken? The easiest bone to break? The final decision was the ear or the nose. Once that was determined, it was on to the strongest bone in the body. Dragon and I said head at the same time. I have always told the kids that they have hard heads. Everyone agreed that it was the head.

Later that same evening we were discussing junk food vs. good quality food. How we feel after eating each different type of food. This then lead to a conversation about good cheese vs. cheap cheese. Which lead to a conversation about food budgets, backyard gardening and much more. I am thankful that we saved the conversation on dissecting various animals for the house. I can only imagine what other customers would say about that one.

We have some of the most interesting and bizarre conversations around the table. These are the times that I live for. One night we will play 20 questions or the name game. I sometimes look for conversation starters. Everyone enjoys this family time. We turn off the tv, talk, dream out loud, and have a good time. Many of these conversations lead to games or other unplugged activities.

I am making it a priority to have many more interesting conversations with my children. What do your dinner conversations sound like?