June 14, 2013

A New School Year is Ahead....

It's one of my favorite times of the year.

Time to get out the new planners.. search the internet...become overwhelmed with wonderful ideas....

That's right! It's time to plan school!

Let me tell you...I love this time of year. I love to plan, I will plan anything. I am so lucky that I have friends that help with the follow through. I love having a plan in front of me...I love it. I love the chaos while planning. The kids know to let me plan..I do it twice a year..summer & winter. I like the idea of tweaking things, changing things up...personalizing them.

This year will be a little bit different, a little bit more serious...High School. I know that I have expressed my fear of high school. I am not sure why...just am. Dragon, Fire Rat & I have had multiple conversations about high school. The first thing we did was sit down and figure out what he wanted to be...a Creative Writing Major. We looked at the in state schools and determined that an English Major might be a better idea. We looked up 4 in state colleges and looked at what their admission requirements were. We compared them to the SC high school graduation requirements.

From there we have made a rough outline, allowing Dragon's input on everything but foreign language. We truly believe that in this day and age Spanish is a must. He is still going to pursue Gaelic & Irish on his own. Other than that we are in complete agreement on what he will be doing. Now we just need to put the plan into action. We are also going to meet with an admission counselor at the local community college at some point. He can do dual enrollment and we want that. He can get his associates degree& high school diploma at the same time. :D

Tracker will be in 8th grade. We will be focusing a little bit more on literature and writing. This is challenging with him. We have not found the perfect approach with his dyslexia yet. I am hoping to find that this year. I want to try and get better at finding the right combination of hands-on learning and reading.

My baby will be in 6th grade! I cannot believe how fast time flies!! This year she will be learning how to cook, sew & do some cross stitch. These will help her with her handwriting and patience! I have decided to help her create her own cookbook( I might do this with all the kiddos). Squirrel will pick a handful of recipes and we will cook them together and then she will cook them solo until she masters it. Once she masters the recipe we will move onto the next one. This will guarantee that she will cook one meal a week for dinner. She has dessert down pat! We just need to make sure she is gets the practice for the other meals of the days.

My overall goal for the kids this year is help the kids to become more independent learners. I realize that they are all getting older and this will be a valuable skill for them.

Do you have your goals for next year yet??


Lena (luvmycrzylife) said...

High school scares me! lol I'm glad mine are still in early elementary. It does sound like you have a good plan, though!

Michelle Williams said...

Stopping by from the Mosaic Review team. HS scares me too! My oldest in 8th this year but is taking quite a few HS classes. We too are going to chat with a Community College counselor in the very near future! Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

My oldest is only in fourth grade and I am already worried over planning for high school...Sounds to me like you have it under control! I too love to plan and even though we just started second and fourth grade last month I am already planning next school year.

Rachel @ Rooms of Knowledge said...

Visiting from the MR team too :) we will be starting high school in the coming year too. I LOVE the cookbook idea, my oldest wants to be a chef so that would be great for him. We have no state requirements for high school and the culinary school he wants to attend only has one requirement, a high school diploma ;) we will be planning more in depth soon, right now he's helping build our garage & barn & new chicken coop :)