February 3, 2013

Free Time? What's That?

One of the biggest myths of homeschooling is that we have all this free time. People assume that since we are home, we don't do anything. That we sit on the couch and let our children run wild.  I assure you, this is NOT true. I personally feel like I do not have enough time in the day.
On any given day we have a million and one a dozen things going on. Many homeschoolers have outside commitments. We might still be on our pajamas, but we are doing math, reading, science or maybe watching a documentary. You see my children outside playing with the dog. What you do not see are  the hours they spent watching training videos. You see me online, but I am researching and planning for 3 different children, plus my co-op classes.

Every homeschooling family has a different schedule and they might just change weekly or even daily. Some homeschoolers get up early and get all their 'work' done by noon. Some are just waking up at noon because they are night owls.  We create our own school calendars as well. Just because public schools are out of class, that does not mean we are. We take advantages of the less crowded days at museums, zoos and even vacations.