October 5, 2012

Helloo Out There!

We have started our 8th year of homeschooling with a bang. We have found an amazing homeschool cooperative. It is a small group with some of the best women that I have ever met. The kids look forward to our "Monday School" all week long. We have also started a new adventure with the 4-H. The kids are currently in 2 different groups. They are hoping to start a shooting/archery club in the next year.

Dragon has grown leaps and bounds in his writing. He has enjoyed his writing class. He has decided that he would like to be a writer and chef. He wants to go to Culinary School. He has spent the past 2 weeks cooking almost every meal for our family. As he gets older I am starting to see more of the young man that he is becoming. I am completely impressed.

Tracker..what can I say? His reading has improved tremendously.  The dyslexia is still an issue. Dyslexia is more of a speed bump now. I am proud of his progress. He is thrilled with the writing class that he is taking at the co-op. He willingly sits down and reads his book. He now prefers to read his books on the computer. He has found a new passion in lawn care. He is soaking up everything hunting related. He has been going hunting with his dad every chance he can.

Squirrel is no longer a little girl. She has become a tween...save me now. It is not all that bad. Her passion for art and animals has grown deeper.  This summer we had the opportunity to observe a sea turtle nest inventory. It was one of the greatest experience of my life. Squirrel was able to see her favorite animal of ALL time. We saw 7 sea turtle hatchlings crawl into the ocean. It was wonderful. She has found a new interest in cooking. She use to be our little baker, but has switched to cooking. We never leave the library with less than 10 cookbooks at a time.

That is our school year in a nutshell.


Kat said...

My eldest is very much like your Dragon...he's writing his first novel (he calls it an epic novel, lol) and loves to cook. He cooks for us occasionally, and is even trying his hand and creating his own recipes. It's really great to see his enthusiasm for both areas!

We also started 4H this year! Well, my oldest did at any rate. The youngest is 8 and our county doesn't have the cloverbud (?) group so he will have to wait a little longer.

Glad your school year has started off so well, and I hope it continues to be fun and exciting!

Thanks for sharing! :)

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