October 19, 2012

Reason #435 that Homeschooling Rocks!

Taking time off to help our family.
This past week we took a road trip to NC. We were originally suppose to go camping, but that was before the frozen chicken incident. Since a walking boot and the woods do not work, we went to help my in-laws around the house. I say we, but I really mean Fire Chef & Tracker. They are the handy men of the family. They helped my father in law replace his attic stairs, install a pulley system and fix a leak in his shed. The kids also helped Grandma & Grandpa take their Christmas decorations out of the attic. While we were there they had some shooting practice, learned how to use a smoker, & learned their grandmother's top secret roast recipe.

Today we are spending the day at a friend's farm. The are playing with their goats & chickens. They have seen foxes & hogs. We went on a bug hunt. We did not find many bugs, but they brought back lots of goodies to start a collection.