March 19, 2011

Enjoying the Process

I received a treat in the mail today, Homeschool Magazine. (I love to read homeschooling magazines). On the cover, they had an article title that caught attention, Mind the Gap - Watching for "Holes" in Your Child's Education. What a perfect time for this article to arrive in my mailbox! I have been struggling with this for the past month. I am not sure if I had been looking for these holes, or if I am just noticing them. I eagerly sat down to read what Dianne Flynn Keith had to say about gaps in education. In this article, Ms. Keith relieved me of my fears. She pointed out that there would be holes in a public school education. I just need to look back on my own to see that this is true. I have been so worried about what the public schools would be teaching, that I have forgotten why I homeschool.

There was another article that really struck a chord with me, Enjoying the Process by Mary Hood. This article made me realize that I have been concentrating on the product and not the process. I have forgotten the real reasons that I wanted to homeschool. I had forgotten to step back and let my children go through the process of learning. I always want to fix it for them, I need to stop that. When I think that they need help, I need to guide them, not fix it.

There are certain articles, books and even blog posts that make you stop and think. This magazine did that for me twice. I just love it.

You can read the e-magazine here.