March 12, 2011

New Name

Time for a change. We are restructuring school yet again. I seem to do that every spring. I have found that my children are not being challenged enough. They get by a little bit too easy. I want to challenge them while instilling a love of learning.

Here are some changes:

The kids are now using ALEKS for math. I was lucky to get a 3 month trial for my kids. They are loving it. More to come about their program.

For writing we are going back to Ignite Your Writing and 30 Days of Poetry. My boys have fallen in love with Edgar Allen Poe & Robert Frost. They will all also be starting Writing Strands. My children have fallen in love with this program through the library. I love have a homeschooling friendly librarian. The children are also taking part in a monthly writing club.

Science we are still doing unit studies. We are currently using Intellego's Human Body I. This is our first time using Intellgo. I am really pleased with the company so far.

For history we are currently trying out a new curriculum, American Heritage Education. This is another program that we are just starting with.

The kids are also constantly listening to audio books, taking gym at the YMCA and attend co-op on Fridays.