March 11, 2009


Right now we are studying Nutrition. We are making a notebook/lapbook. I haven't decided exactly what to call it. The kids are enjoying this unit because it deals with something they love... FOOD. Yesterday we started a Healthy Food Journal and each of the kids tried to plan 3 balanced meals. They found it rather difficult.

Today we worked on vocabulary words. The kids also made a chart of healthy foods and unhealthy foods. They did a good job. They even debated on whether pickles are healthy or not. They decided that it was not healthy because of all the salt. We talked about Vitamins & Minerals and fats.

Once the children finished their charts, they worked on creating their own superhero and villain. The job of the villain will be to tempt children to eat bad foods. The good guy is going to help children make healthy choices. Once the kids design their characters they will create a story or comic strip. Dragon has decided that he will make a comic strip, Squirrel has not decided and I think that Tracker will write a story. I have never seen the kids attack an assignment with so much enthusiasm. I believe that they created their superhero today and will work on their bad guy tomorrow. Once they are done, I will post the pictures.