March 13, 2009

A Day Off, So They Think..

Today has been a mix of different things around here. I desperately needed to devote some time to my kitchen. It was lagging behind on the painting. I managed to paint my trim and move 2 pieces of furniture back into it. Now I just need to take care of the clutter.

While I was painting, the kids were entertaining themselves. They each played various games on POGO. They played Tumble Bees (spelling), Beaker Creatures (math, grouping), and Greenback Bayou(problem solving).

They watched Spiderwick Chronicles and compared it to the book. They kept telling me the 'background' of the characters. They just did not realize it.

Dragon played outside before the rain came. He is now in his room organizing his Pokemon cards. He also read 2 Magic School Bus books and is also reading Eat This! Not That! For Kids. He is very into this book. I think that we are going to have to buy him his own copy. He is now really reading labels and checking things out. He is now trying to create healthier snacks for the family. I just love seeing his enthusiasm.

Tracker & Squirrel have been playing in their fort all day. They were vets to their stuffed animals. One of the ducks had a broken wing. They used How To 101 Draw Animals for their craft time with their 'animals'. They are now having trail mix and juice boxes.

Tracker is also moving right along with his phonics. I am starting to think that it might be an attention thing. He just read me a story and actually stopped to sound out words. For him this is HUGE. He is normally in such a hurry that he does not try and sound out words.

I just heard Squirrel say "This has been the BEST day!". I could not of said it better myself.