April 18, 2008

Are We a Contradiction?

A little background...
Last night Squirrel & I were in the grocery store. Squirrel had on her soccer uniform for pictures. An older lady stopped and asked her how soccer was. She asked where they play. We said across the street. The lady asked exactly where and I told her. I didn't feel entirely comfortable giving out the information. I am not exactly sure why. Am I over protective? I just worry about my kids' safety.

After that encounter I started to question whether or not I am sending the correct message to my children. I tell them not to talk to strangers, yet I was talking with this woman. I wondered if I was just being over protective of the kids that play soccer. I mean there are hundreds of kids that play soccer there every Saturday. However, you wouldn't know the fields are even there unless you happen to go through there when someone is there. Dh said that maybe she was just a grandmother who thought that her grandkids would like to play. I said that was a possibility. But how could I avoid that question without being rude?
I didn't want to seem rude or snobbish.

I worry about my kids wearing their jerseys when not at soccer. I worry about someone trying to look up their number and stuff. I know that this has happened. It just worries me. When I mentioned this to another parent they looked at me like I was insane. I really truly worry that someone will use their jersey as a conversation starter and the kids think that it is OK to talk with them. I guess it goes along the lines of why my mother never let us where our names on shirts or hats.

So my question is this..what would you of done? Am I too over protective my of kids?