January 19, 2008


I took a blank map of Alaska to Kinko's and had them make it the size of a poster. They ended up enlarging it by 400%. The kids & I colored in the water & Canada. The kids then labeled the major cities. If you look at the map it reminds me of a bear. Here is a close up of the map.The kids were very excited to learn that Kodiak Island was a real place. We are listening toThe kids are really enjoying it. I must admit that I cannot wait to find out what happens next. I am looking forward to reading some of the legends of Native Alaska to the kids this week.


Frankie said...

That's a great idea, getting the map blown up. I wish I lived near civilization, which would have a Kinkos. sigh

Theresa said...

Oh, Kodiak is a wonderful place! We spent the summer there and loved it.We were going to move there this summer, but it looks as if we will be heading to Fairbanks instead.
There are lots of pictures of Kodiak on my blog if the kids would like to see them (in fact my header photo is a picture I took while there). Just go to my categories and click on "Alaska" and you'll see most of them that way.

Melissa said...

I love the map idea. I am so stealing it from you...but we are gonna do TEXAS. YEE HAW! Thanks for the bright idea. Luv you for it.