January 18, 2008

Habitat Hike

Last week, we went to the state park for a habitat walk. We were able to see 3 different habitats. We saw the ocean, forest, & pond.

This is suppose to be a pond, but with the drought it doesn't look like one.

We used this opportunity to talk about droughts. We discussed the effects on the animals that live in the habitat. Princess was upset that all the ducks had to find a new home. She is very sensitive to animals.

We also tried to guess how old tree stumps were. Dragon made it a game to try and guess how old all trees are.
The kids saw this tree root ball and said that it would make a great den for animals. They determined that it would be great for skunks, foxes or rabbits. They weren't sure if a deer could fit in it or not. The kids practice their map skills.

We ended our hike at the beach.
It was too windy for us to walk on the beach. We decided that we would go back in a month and see what has changed. On the way to the beach we stopped at the swash and we found 4 blue crabs and some minnows. Can you see the crab in the picture below?