September 26, 2007

What to do...

Yesterday was just the day from you know where! Nothing I could was right. Of course it didn't start out on a positive note. I went to bed Monday night at 8:30pm. I am normally a night owl so going to bed that early said something. Well, dh wakes me up at 7:30am to tell me that my daughter wants pancakes and I have to make them. Don't worry about the fact that he had been up for 2hrs. Yep 2hrs! I get up to the house just being destroyed. I decided that we would spend the morning cleaning. We needed some life skills. LOL. After finally getting the kids' rooms clean and tackling part of Mt.NeedtoBeWashed, I decided to get some school done. WRONG. Dragon decided that it would be a good time to whine & complain. He couldn't go outside. He had to clean, he couldn't read because Mom wanted to do school. So he did 2 pages of grammar and pronounced his day done. I was stressed and just didn't want to deal with it. He knows just which buttons to push. He just wants his way.

I know that it is my fault that I let him push my buttons. I am really truly trying to get better. I informed all the kids that we are going to be doing all school that has to be done today. They will have to work through it all. Dh told them that if it isn't done that they will do it on the weekend. That they will catch up. We are already going to have to play a little catch up because I have a doctor's appointment in the morning.

Of course there are a few moms on the soccer team that I have talked to about this stage that he is going through. The moms that I have talked with have teenage sons. I have gotten different opinions from all of them. It is just hard to hear someone tell you that you son has _____ because her son has it and yours is showing all the signs. Or you hear that if he was in school your life would be easier. Please tell me how in the world my life would be easier. Yes I might get more time to myself during the day. I might get to do some crafts. But that is nothing in comparison to being with my kids. To helping my kids through this.