September 19, 2007

Field Trip Friday part 2

We got to see some really neat snakes.

We went to the Nursery...

And we even got to see an alligator feeding. The noise that the big ones made when they snapped their jaws was amazing! I can still hear it.

Do you want to feed them?? Not me!

These little juveniles are actually too small to be with the big guys..but THEY decided to climb the 8ft fences(yes 8 ft!!) too see what was on the other side!!

On the way out we heard this loud bellowing. It was the alligators caling to each other. IT was defeaning. We then watched atleast 6 males take turns calling to the females that were on the other side. This picture is of the 2 of the bellowing gators. They are the ones with their heads out of the water.
If you have read this long Thank you. For more pictures you can go here Alligator Adventure Pictures


Mel said...

This place looks like an absolute blast! I can not wait to come visit it...........