September 19, 2007

Field Trip Friday Part 1

We went on a field trip 2 weeks ago and I am just getting around to posting the pictures. They might take moment to load. I just had soo much fun with the kids. We went to Alligator Adventure.

The kids had so much fun with all the different animals. We even went back a 2nd time so they could see more. Squirrel got to pet a tortoise.

We saw Utan the largest croc in captivity. He weighs a ton and is 20ft long. He is in the upper part of the picture. It was very hard to capture him.
Of course we saw some of the little alligators.
We saw some big ones...
We even saw a reptile show. She even caught an alligator.
These are all under 3yrs old.
Meet Spencer the Blue-Tongue Skink & Reese the ball python.
There are more pictures below as well as a link to even more.