September 19, 2007

Wednesday Wanderings

I am sitting here nursing a hurt knee. I decided that while the kids were content with their coloring I would catch up on some blogs. I always love to read blogs. Here are some of the good ones that I found today...

Summer over at Mom is Teaching had a Talk Like A Pirate Day. Tracker would LOVE to do that. I might just have to try that for a day.

While at Summer's blog I found a great entry that lead me to another great blog. I Think Therefore I Blog is a new find for me. But I found myself nodding my head and agreeing with what she wrote. One thing that really touched me was Somewhere, My Son Has A Twin. I found myself with tears in my eyes...someone else out there was going through some of the stuff I do. I am not alone. Thank you for sharing.

Now one of my good friends has just posted a great craft. Learn how to make a Tropical Rainstick!

Stephanie at Throwing Marshmallows and I agree that there is just too much 'fluff' in the news and not enough substance.

It is time for lunch....until next time.