June 6, 2006

Our Science Project...

Here is what we are doing for our end of the year/summer project.

Our Garden

The closest garden we have green beans, squash, & red peppers on the left. Basil, dill, parsley, cucumber bush, onions and a watermelon on the right.

The garden in the back is mainly tomatoes, jalapenos, eggplant and more onions.

Here are some more pictures...

My monster cherry tomato bush...taking over everything.

My green bean plants..

We were even lucky enough to find 2 bugs...

This ^^ is a lady bug.

Below is another bug that I found...the name escapes me at the moment.


Steph said...

It looks WONDERFUL! Steph

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, it looks like you had the same exact garden box plan, except you built two and one nearly did us in. Nice garden! Thanks for stopping by my place. I'll blogroll ya.
Kim from relaxedhomeskool.com