June 3, 2006

The Morning after the rain...

We had some strong thunderstorms come through in the middle of the night. Once the rain left we went for our morning walk. We found HUGE puddles and the kids had a blast riding their bikes/scooters through the water. They were having soo much fun. I wish I had my camera. They saw a water bug skimming the surface of one of the puddles. They tried to catch it but it was just too quick. People were stopping to watch the kids because they were just having soo much fun. It reminded me that they are only young once and to enjoy it. By the time we made it home they were all soaked and messy. My oldest asked if he looked like a mess, I said Yep. He said that his job was then done for the day. LOL.

I am just bummed that I didn't have my bike yet ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm from homeschoolblogger (cricket313)...I have a question for you. Could you email me?