June 8, 2006

Words that should be banned

We went for our afternoon walk/bike ride yesterday. I was walking the dog and all of the sudden my son shouts the "s" word(no not that s word). There I am jumped and screamed . Terror in my eyes why would he say that? What was he thinking? Then I see why..... not a foot from my left foot was a snake. It doesn't matter that it was a harmless garter snake. It doesn't matter that the thing was less than 2ft long. As far as I am concerned it could of been a cottonmouth. It doesn't matter to me snakes are snakes. While I am standing there trying to keep my composure and quickly retreat, all three of my kids are howling. I am talking falling on the ground laughing at their mother. They think that it is the funniest thing in the world. Just then their father calls and I proceed to tell him that HIS son just gave me a heart attack. While he is walking to where we are he is laughing, I can hear it in his voice. He was doing his best not to laugh.

The whole time I am freaking out that my son yelled SNAKE at me, he is trying to reassure me that it is indeed not a dangerous snake. He was telling me to LOOK at the head. He was saying that it was a triangle, he said to look at the fact you could see it's eyes. I looked at him and said..You want me to get CLOSER? Have you lost your ever loving mind? Which of course was met by even more hysterical laughter from my 3 kids. He was really trying to help in between his fits of laughter.

I guess that it really is funny...now that I am 2 miles away from the thing. While I am not about to step on it.

The thing that amazed me the most was that he kept his cool. He was trying to calm me down. I am very proud of that. I am very proud of the fact that he started to 'spout' off the facts that he has learned from all the reptile shows we have been to. My only complaint is that the SnakeMaster never told them to NEVER, EVER yell snake at your mom.


Steph said...

I am very impressed by snakemaster's knowledge of serpent species. ;-)

Linda J said...

I am sorry I am laughing but you sound like ME! Now I know how silly I sound when someone yells that S word! LOL LOL I really am sorry I am laughing!