November 24, 2013

It Started With A Conversation...

A very special 6 year old, his mom & I had the most wonderful and enlightening conversation. We spoke of the Golden Rule. We talked about how our attitudes towards others gets reflected back onto ourselves. If you treat your friends rudely, they will treat you the same way. When we asked if that was OK, he said no. He told us that we should treat others much nicer - kinder because that's how WE want to be treated.


His mom and I carried the conversation on. I spoke of Grace. How I was trying to live more Gracefully. We spoke about how we were NOT perfect and that was OK. We spoke about what the word Grace meant to each of us. I honestly cannot remember what was said-just the emotions. I felt compassion-peace-love-gentleness. I remember feeling that it was OK to be a work in progress.

How does one define Grace? I truly believe that it is up to the individual. To me Grace means kindness, gentle hearted, compassionate, strong elegance, and respectful. Grace does not mean perfection - NO ONE can achieve that. Grace means accepting your imperfections.  It means trying to be the best you can be in spite of your flaws. To realize that you are flawed and to go with your strengths. It means when you fail, don't go licking your wounds...learn from it. It means getting back up and doing better...again and again.

Someone walking with Grace shows compassion and understanding when it is needed the most. Grace is knowing when to take a step back and when to lead.

Grace is being calm in the middle of a storm. We really don't know how strong we are until our world is thrown into utter chaos...believe me, I am learning this now.

I strive to walk with Grace. I am going to make mistakes and that is OK.

I strive to act with Grace, speak with Grace and live with Grace

To my friends, I ask for patience, understanding and guidance as I continue my journey.

To that little boy, I thank you for making my life better for having known you. :)