July 10, 2011

Full Steam Ahead...

I am in full planning mode here. There are going to be a few changes this year. The first major change is that we will be working in Trimesters this year. I found that it was easier to break the year down this way. My oldest will be going into 7th grade and record keeping is geting a little bit harder. I am hoping that this will be a good thing.
Another change this year, will be the addition of community service. We will be working with a local hospice to make baked treats, meals and cards to their clients. I remember growing up and having to do so many service hours every year.
One of the changes that I am most looking forward to is getting outside more. We will be taking advantage of our tents and state park pass. After all learning does not just happen in the 'classroom'.
I am sure that there will be some tweeks here and there, but for the first time I am finally excited. I feel prepared.
Are you making any changes this year?


Learners at Home said...

We are doing trimesters this year too~ my teen starts highschool and my youngest starts middle school. I am planning Sept thru Nov Semester 1 Dec thru March Semester 2 and April thru June Semester 3. Great for planning! I am just about done planning out our year~ :D