July 16, 2011

Finding Mom Time...

One of the blogs I follow asked a wonderful question on Facebook. Do you have a hobby and if so what is it?

I found this an interesting question because it made me think. I had to think about the last time that I took time out for one of my hobbies, passions. It has been a long time. I feel guilty taking time out of the day for myself. I know that I am not the only homeschooling mom who goes through this.

I need to figure out how to fit more me time into the schedule. I have found that I need to get my day started before the kids get up. The only problem is that I am not a morning person. I use to be. I really was, but I cannot sleep through the night anymore. I tend to wake up around 3am and then stay up for an hour.

Now I ask you my friends, do you have a hobby or passion? If so, what is it? How do you find "mom time"?