May 26, 2011

Is it the end or the Beginning?

Here it is Memorial Day and we are starting school back up. This is comical to my neighbor, a high school english teacher. I then explained that my children just got off of 3 week break. We live in the is HOT in the summer. We like to take time off in the spring and the fall. We enjoy that time outside. We use the time when it is miserable to do school. But don't feel sorry for my kids. When we get the urge to play hooky, we do. When we want to escape to the campground, we do. We take advantage full advantage of vacationing during the off season. Not only does it save us money, but the crowds are gone. This is good when you have family members who do not like crowds.

This summer my kids are going to taking part in a virtual summer camp. I cannot wait. My kids are even excited. They are also excited because summer means - free bowling, free movies at a local theater, free summer concerts and of course....the beach.

I have a question for you, are ending your school year or beginning it?


April said...

I Totally Agree! We school year round. Our "New" school year begins the first of Sept. Living in SC, I prefer to beat the heat inside with a good book. The spring and Fall times are SO nice that that's when we are really busy with LOTS of field trips and when we have lighter school days. We will be taking part in the bowling, swimming and all that but not the long distance field trips. Another one of the homeschooling joys:)

Joi said...

We will be going on one long distance field trip. I am going home for a few days this summer. It will be the first time that I leave with the kids by myself. Yikes..9hr car trip. I just hope that I don't get too many grey hairs along the way. :)