August 13, 2009

What Will I Do Different This Year??

Someone asked this question on one of my yahoo groups a couple of weeks ago. I had to sit down and really think about this. I was not sure exactly what I would change. Last year was a whirlwind and I think that I overdid it.

Here are the things that I will change this year:

~ delegate household chores more. After all my kids are old enough to do more.
~ do more hands on activities
~ use more multimedia resources
~ make better use of the time that we are here.
~Stay home more. Last year I was running 5 or 6 days a week. I will save Tuesday afternoons for appointments, allergy shots, grocery runs. Thursdays will be for co-ops, park days and any outside activities. We will most likely go to the library on Tuesdays as well.
~I will take time out for myself everyday.
~The TV will be on less.
~daily walks or bike rides with the children. They loved this last year and it was a great way to start the day. It got their energy out and they were ready for school when we got back.

I think that is it. I know that there are more things to change, but this is enough to start out with.

What are you going to be doing differently this year?


jamison said...

+more time outside
+trust that my children ARE learning
+return to "Mom's 15 minutes with tea & reading" each morning
+model Graditute, Patience & a Love of Learning
+try to organize our home better so i'm not always catching up on the dishes, laundry, etc.

Joi said...

Ooh Model gratitude, patience and a love of learning..I LOVE it!!

That is perfect. I also need to get my home better organized. That is one of the reasons that I will be delegating more around the house.