May 16, 2009

Fort Fisher Aquarium

We went to Fort Fisher Aquarium for Mother's Day. It was a spur of the moment idea. We had to take a ferry over to the aquarium. The kids loved it. Squirrel's favorite part was seeing a 9 month old loggerhead sea turtle up close. We have never been this close to a turtle before. They were not sure of the gender of the little guy. The volunteer told us that they would not know for a few years. The turtle was one of 3 eggs given to the aquarium after being rescued from an oncoming hurricane. They will release the little guy in another 5 months. Squirrel loved seeing all the turtles. Tracker's favorite part was seeing all the shark jaws, of course I did not take any pictures of them. Dragon was very excited to see the moon jellies. He just loves to see them glow in the dark. After we went to the aquarium we had a little picnic under the trees. It was a wonderful Mother's Day.