February 8, 2009

Riverbanks Zoo 1

We just got back from a mini vacation. We went to Columbia, SC for the night. I cannot say enough about our hotel it was fantastic! It was a great place to stay. If you ever have to go out of town, look for an Embassy Suites. They are very family friendly.

While in Columbia, we went to Riverbanks Zoo. We love the zoo. While we were there we saw the new lion cubs. They are just too cute!!
I fell in love with the howler monkeys. They were very talkative. I was unaware that their throats would swell to make the noise. Similar to a bull frog.
I could of sat there for ages listening to them. The kids were ready to go. Please excuse the fuzzy picture..it is a new camera.

Another one of my favorite things was to see the tortoises get fed. The older one was guarding his food. I really like this picture.
We also went for a short hike. I loved being in the woods with my family. Squirrel found a tree that looked like it had faery steps(look to the right of the tree). I love her imagination!!


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Anonymous said...

Ah, it was this very zoo that my son and I fell in love with the lorikeets...we spent too many dollars on nectar, but made lifetime memories!


jugglingpaynes said...

I love your zoo pix! Lots of animal lovers in my house. Great pictures.

Peace and Laughter,