February 10, 2009

Grammar on the Door

Yesterday we did grammar on the door. I have converted my sliding glass door into a giant dry erase board. My kids love it! It is not very often that you hear a child beg to do grammar or math.
We are using Igniting Your Writing. It is a little bit above Tracker & Squirrel, but they are learning while doing it in a group. They will only being doing "group lesson" once a week. I will do the other grammar lesson on a one to one basis.

I also learned that my children must do math more regularly. They had a hard time 'refreshing' their minds as they put it. But that is ok it will make me more accountable.

Yesterday was the day to make appointments. I talked with a dyslexia tutor about getting Tracker tested. She will be able to do the test in 3 weeks. Tracker will also be going for his speech evaluation on March 4. I am nervous about both of the sessions, but I know that I am doing the right thing. I was told that the dyslexia tutoring could take up to 24months. That is a little daunting, but hey as long as he is making progress it is well worth it.


SJ said...

Love the glass door white board!

April said...

Which markers did you use for this? I have seen the ones made for glass; did you use those or the regular dry erase markers. What a great idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I love out-of-the-box thinking!


Anonymous said...

Bout time you posted something about that! :-)

Gave you an award but it is in code. Needed to keep up the mystique...lol. http://homefrontlines.blogspot.com/2009/02/i-gots-award.html


Mrs. D said...

What a great idea! My little girl would love that! Good job on teaching your kids!