February 22, 2009

On the Plate..

This morning we went to the grocery store and the cashier was amazed by the vegetables that my children would eat. My kids love brussel sprouts, eggplant, salads and bok choy. The cashier was shocked when I said that Dragon asked to try leeks today. Squirrel brought me the eggplant and Tracker's favorite veggie is brussel sprouts.

This got me thinking what they won't eat. Squirrel does not like raw onions, cooked mushrooms or eggs. Tracker does not like lettuce on his sandwiches and Dragon does not like cooked onions or cooked mushrooms. He is not a huge fan of black beans, but loves the canned beans on salads and he loves fresh spinach on salads & sandwiches instead of lettuce.

Now I have a question for you... what will your children not eat and what veggies do they love?


Fairiemom said...

My daughter LOVES Broccoli - she used to only eat the stems when she was little, which was rather odd. She also likes cauliflower and will eat carrots like crazy. When she was little she drank so much V8 that her feet started to turn orange from the carotene - so I guess veggies never really were a problem around here! She says she doesn't like cooked mushrooms or onions, but if you don't tell her they are there she will usually eat them anyway.

Are we there yet? said...

Zach will not any veggies except corn, Hannah and Ethan love Broccoli,peas,corn,okra,carrots, and I could go on and on. They eat anything put in front of them. Zach just decided on day Veggies were for rabbits only. Poor kid, he does not know what he is missing.

Alicia said...

All of mine like veggies like broccoli, peas (they like frozen peas as a snack too), corn, baby tomatoes as a snack, raw carrots, and such. They pretty much even like spinach. The girls and I absolutely love artichokes. They are a super big treat here, with the leaves dipped in butter. Victoria loves lima beans but the others haven't learned that one yet.

They're not fond of large cooked onions or peppers (tiny pieces work) but they're all pretty much sold on mushrooms now. We're still working on brussel sprouts, but I cook them sliced with carmelized onions so they have two strikes against them. ;)

A friend introduced me to steamed edamame (soybeans) and the girls and I ate a whole bag of those the other day. We split open the pods and eat the beans, just plain. We sat at the kitchen table chatting and chomping.

I'm not that familiar with bok choy (did I even spell that right?) and the only veggie my mother never served was okra, which she said was the nastiest veggie on earth. She was in an orphanage for a while as a kid and they must have made her eat a lot of okra. She held a grudge against it. :)

I think veggies are so important to health, I really make them a big part of the menu around here. I have a friend whose son will only eat veggies if they come from their own garden. He's on ADHD medication and in the summer when he's eating mostly whole, fresh foods from the garden he is off the meds because his behavior is so improved. Not to mention the way they keep us healthy and help ward off things like cancer... I'm a total veggie nut. :)

Summer Fae said...

Here is a link for Bok choy


Fairiemom~ I love broccoli. My favorite way to eat it is stir fried with mushrooms. Yummy.

Melissa~Will Zach eat anything from the garden? I know that my kids will try anything that we grow ourselves.

Alicia, We love it cut in half and then cooked in garlic butter. Yummy!!

I do not like okra. Yes I am a southerner and I cannot stand the stuff. I think that it is slimy as well. I will eat it if it is fried, but I will not cook it here. I don't like beets (the kids do though), but I love beet greens. So the kids eat the beets & I eat the greens. :)