February 20, 2009

The Family Times

Today for our read aloud we read What Was It Like? Benjamin Franklin by Lawrence Weinberg. The kids loved the book. When I tried to stop and finish reading another day, they begged me to continue. We learned that Ben Franklin created the first lending library, the first American fire department, and the lightening rods. When we finished reading about Benjamin Franklin the kids did some activity pages from school express. They are all in love with word finds at the moment.

Dragon had the idea to start a newspaper called The Kids Times. He said that it will be a 16 page paper put out every Sunday. I told him that was a lot, but he really wants to give it a try.

I have always liked the idea of a family newspaper. We are going to be creating our very fist family newsletter/paper. It will be called... The Family Times. We spent a little bit of time giving out assignments. The kids decided that we had to have a kitchen section. Dragon wants to put in his special spicy sauce recipe. Squirrel wants to add her favorite snack recipe Pan-Seared Black Bean Dumplings. Tracker is going to write a review for our favorite restaurant Red Robin. We are going to have a picture section that I am responsible for. We are also going to have a News sections. The kids decided that we needed to have a review of the remodeling that we are doing in the house. They also said that their dad needed to write this article.

We are also going to include a school section. It is going to include what we are currently studying, what's next and any field trip information that we might have. I think that the kids will really enjoy this.


Gerky said...

Chip puts out a weekly family newspaper for us too. Most Monday's it is on the table ready for us when we have our coffee. Hope your younguns enjoy it.