November 9, 2008

Politics Can Be Ugly

There are 2 topics that I do not discuss on my blog, religion and politics. I am going to make an exception this one time.

One of my favorite blogs to visit is LaPaz Home Learning. I have always enjoyed reading about Theresa's day. Unfortunately, a chosen few have decided to slam her for posting pictures of election cookies that they made in support of Obama. I wonder if those who posted the mean comments forgot the Golden Rule.

I felt compelled to show my support for Theresa not only as a McCain supporter, but as someone who was raised Catholic. The attacks on Theresa were uncalled for. They were mean and judgemental.

I don't believe that either candidate was the best one for the job. I had to personally weigh all the various positions of both McCain and Obama. I cannot say that I supported all of McCain's positions, but I went with what my heart told me to do.

They call our country the melting pot of world. What would the world be like if we all were the same? I think that it would be very boring. Our country is great because we are free. We are free to write what we want, believe what we believe, and vote however we choose.

Yes, those that made the spiteful comments, had the freedom to write what they did. I have a problem with the fact that they took everything out of context. The commenters assumed that they knew everything about Theresa because of her support of Obama. Well, you want they say about assuming, don't ya?


Theresa said...

Thank you so much. I am touched and humbled by your kindness and support, and the support of others from all sides who have both publicly and privately reached out to me the past few days. It is good to know there is still compassion in the world, that "love thy neighbor" still means something, and that the meanies have not completely won.

Fairiemom said...

The title says it all - no truer words have been typed out recently than that!

I am truly glad that this election is OVER regardless of the outcome - at this point I am just TIRED of hearing and reading all the "stuff" that has been slung back and forth from supporters on all sides!

But of course this mornings AOL headline was "Who can beat Obama - the republican party begins its search for 2012" - REALLY, he isn't even IN the white house yet! They really need to pass some sort of something to regulate the campaigning time before an election, as they do in MANY other countries!

BTW - Hats off to you for standing by a fellow blogger!