August 31, 2008

Hurricane Unit

Just passing along some hurricane links for those that might be interested in learning a little bit more. Right now there are 2 systems in the water; Hurricane Gustav which will make landfall most likely tomorrow and then there is Tropical Storm Hanna in the Atlantic Ocean.

Hurricanes Spark a Storm of Classroom Activity!
Hurricane Hunters ~> they fly into the storms to collect data
Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Names
Hurricanes: online meteorology guide
How Do Hurricanes Work?
Hurricane! Compacting Core Knowledge to Challenge pdf
Eye of the Hurricane
Hurricane Lesson: Hurricane Basics
Hurricane Lessons & Activities
Hurricane Theme Page
FEMA for Kids
How and Why Storms are Named
Hurricane & Tropical Cyclone Glossary
Ask Earl
Sky Diary KIDSTORM facts about hurricanes
Hurricane in a Bottle
National Hurricane Center

I hope that you have fun learning about hurricanes.

For my friends on the Gulf...please stay safe.


We homeschool said...

Don't you just love hurricane season? And to have a storm named Hanna. I always knew Hannah was sneaky and caused troble. Hope she does not come your way to cause you trouble. We are supposed to get Gustav's rain here Tuesday, the day of our Not Back to School Party. Thanks for all the info.

We homeschool said...

P.S. Looks like Hanna is heading your way. Are you ready?

Summer Fae said...

She is suppose to be heading our way. We will be reading. Right now Squirrel is a little freaked out. We are just going to read about hurricanes this week and just get ready. I am not too concerned about it right now. If it does come it will only be a Cat 1, but we will still be prepared.