June 30, 2006

Working on Unit Studies

We are going to be doing unit studies until the end of the summer. Right now I am working on one about weather. I love weather. I live in an area where we get hurricanes and lots of thunderstorms during the summer. I am going to be working with my friend on this. We have been friends for years, but never put anything together. This time we are going to see if two heads really are better than one!

Some of the things that we will be covering...

what is weather?
What is the water cycle?
What are clouds and their different types?
Can you tell the weather by the clouds?
We are going to be making a weather station.
We are also going to be making graphs of weather from not only our town but each kid is going to be recording the weather of a different country. We will be using the internet for this.
We are also going to be turning the kids into weather reporters and they are going to be doing a segment on weather safety.
We are going to be talking about a disaster supply kit and go on a scavenger hunt to find all the things that are needed.
When they complete our unit study, they will have a completed lapbook, a book on clouds, a water cycle wheel, and a Weather expert badge.


celticmuse said...

sure do miss you not being @homeschoolblogger, it is harder to keep up with others this way. you can email me @


doing better here, just so busy still with summer stuff

Bella said...

We did a weather unit study once. It was one of those studies that seemed to never end, but we had a lot of fun with it.

Another idea for you...
Let the kids make weather journals out of old magazine picture cut outs. They can caption the photo's to fit their weather for the day or whatever region they are keeping up with. The idea is to pick photo's that match the weather forcast for the day. This is a great journal idea for the youngest child that may not be writing well yet.