July 22, 2011

School Planning Update...

Dragon 7th Grade:

I have almost the entire first semester planned out. I have figured it out weekly. I have asked for Dragon's opinion and stayed with it as much as I could. He wanted daily assignment, so I did those. I also threw in weekly assignments, ie you need to do x number of pages to do this week. We have gone through the Ancient History books and decided to use living books with projects/hands on activities. He loves this idea. Everything else we will be using a curriculum for.

Tracker 6th Grade:

He is making remarkable progress with his reading. He is getting up there. I have seen such a difference since in the last 6 months. He will be continuing with Math Mammoth and Spectrum for Language arts. We will be continuing with a workbook that we have for Handwriting. He will be doing unit studies for History..really the same thing as Dragon, just different topics. This is his favorite subject. We will be finishing up the Revolutionary War..and then moving onto Westward Exploration. I think that he will love this. He loves anything military or outdoors. He will be using a textbook & doing nature studies for science.

Squirrel 4th Grade:

She will be using Spectrum for Language Arts. She will also be using Math Mammoth. These books really work for her. She likes them. For history this year we will be using the Little House on the Prairie series. I feel that this will fit her personality very well. She will be using the same science book as Tracker.

The only thing that I really have left to figure out is Art. If you read this blog for long, you know how artistic my children are. This year I am going to be adding lots of field trips for art this year. We will be attending The Nutcracker Ballet, a musical, an orchestra performance, a play by the local college, and we will be visiting various art museums. I would love to find a pottery class for the kids to attend.

Hopefully, I will have everything set for our start date.