November 9, 2010

A New Post

We are here, just struggling to get through the day. It is not the kids fault, it is mine. I am letting outside distractions interfere with school work. I just keep reminding myself that we can go day by day and that is OK.

We have started a couple of new things this month..

Dragon is writing a research report on Thanksgiving..then next month will be candy. His choice. He is also doing more independent work. He is taking charge and getting everything done by lunch time. He says that it is the only way to make sure he has his afternoons off. :)

Tracker is making progress with his reading, it is a slow road. But that is OK. He is writing more than I have ever seen him. I think that having a dyslexic pen pal helps. He is not afraid of making mistakes. He is at least sounding out the words. He has taken a new interest in drawing. He cannot get enough of it.

Squirrel is on fire with math. She has a love/ hate relationship with it. She cannot stand it when she cannot do it right away and then loves it once she figures it out. Squirrel has also taken an interest in drawing. She will go through an entire ream of paper if I let her.

We are enjoying our co-op. The kids look forward to it every week. They are also still participating in Homeschool PE at the local YMCA. It gives me a nice break. Today I am going to take my camera down to the ocean and take some pictures. I just wish that I could find the charger for my good camera.


Gerky said...

Bout time my freeeee-end. I am giving you the Stylish Blogger Award. You can pick it up at TTYL