July 28, 2009

It's Official

We just got back from getting Tracker tested for dyslexia. It is official he has it. It has confirmed what dh & I have been saying for months now. We just went and did the test. Tracker said that it was easy & comfortable. I think that it was great. While there we learned that dh & I most likely have dyslexia as well. There were too many times that we sat there and went..wait that is me. It is hereditary. So now we know that there is a chance(50%) that Dragon and Squirrel has it as well. The tester even went as far as to say that we should just start over with Squirrel's reading with the Barton Reading. This lady was great. She even suggested that dh & I do the tutoring ourselves. She said that it would save us money and allow us to use the program with all of our children.


Frankie said...

It's nice to know, isn't it? Not nice to have it, but knowledge is power. Interesting that you both have it as well.