July 11, 2009

I Need Your Help

What would you consider to be an essential homeschool book for the library? Maybe it is not an actual homeschool book, but something else. If your librarian asked you for a list of books that you would like as a homeschooler what books would be on your list?

Why do I ask? My librarian asked me yesterday after I asked for some updated books. My library is very homeschool friendly. They want homeschoolers to come in more and take advantage of them. Both the children's librarian and the head of the library are very homeschool friendly. When I have had ideas for classes or something along that line their only comment is when do you need me?

Please any suggestions would be great. Thank you.

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we3kids said...

the Liberty's Kids PBS series was wonderful in learning about the revolutionary war! I'll think of some more and let you know tomorrow.....

JJ Ross said...

Oh, I loved Liberty's Kids and so did Young Son. At 14 now, he's wanting to be a history professor someday.

My nominations would be The Disciplined Mind by Howard Gardner and Never Too Late by John Holt, also anything else by Gardner and anything by Steven Pinker and/or Dan Pink, especially How the Mind Works, Free Agent Nation, and A Whole New Mind.

It would be wonderful for librarians to see that we are studying cognitive psychology to better educate our own!

Jonam said...

Its useful to homeschooling kids