May 29, 2009

Your Mom Gets An "F"

I was reading My failure as a homeschool mom over at Principled Discovery, and it reminded me of a story. Here is the email that I sent my family...

Today has been one heck of a day. Tracker & Squirrel were on the washing machine(why I don't know). I told them to get off the machine. Next thing I know Tracker is on the ground screaming. When he jumped down he got his foot caught in a tall hamper. Well the hamper went down with him. When I got there his right leg was a t a funny angle. I had to call dh home(he was on duty) so I could take him to the dr. The thing that was bugging me the most was his lower leg. It seemed to be looking funny. Dh agreed and off I went to the dr. We were in there with 7 people that were there for their manadatory drug & alcohol testing. Well, I can safely tell you that everyone of them failed. How would I know....because I have never seen such drunken fools. Anywho, I had to fill out forms and I kept asking Tracker questions...are you a boy or girl? Are you married? How will you pay for this sir? Just really making him laugh. By the time i had finished his forms there was a couple of us laughing out loud.The doctor was great even if he did give me the evil eye when I said we homeschooled. Here is a conversation.. d+doc T=Tracker
d-Tracker does your nose hurt?
T-No why?
D-because your feet smell so bad it hurts to smell it.
(At this T was laughing sooo loud).
d-did I hear right that you fell off of the washer?
T-No my sister pushed me.
d-did you hit her?
T-No, she's smaller than me.
d-oh I guess you can't hit her then.
T-no she is only 5, I'm 7. I am much bigger and stronger.
d-well, she will have a great protector then.

We got some x-rays and they were fine. The X-ray tech was awesome. She told him everything that she was going to do AND even showed him his xrays. She even looked through the discarded ones for a broken bone, but they didn't have any. It turns out that he twisted his knee.

Before we left the doctor and T were talking again. I was not really paying complete attention when I heard: "I guess your mom fails dryer dismount". I am not really sure what was said, but T and the doctor were laughing pretty hard.


Dana said...

That is funny! I love when doctors have a sense of humor and can "play" with kids.

James said...

we had an instance like that recently when my daughter fell off a rip stick and wrenched her knee. Thx for cling out my blog

jugglingpaynes said...

What a great doctor! And your son probably improved his image of homeschooling that day. ;o)

Peace and Laughter!

Magic and Mayhem said...

First off, phew on the twisted knee and no broken bones! Secondly, I love that quote! Tee hee!

But wouldn't that be HIS failure on dryer dismount? Where's the personal responsibility for our own learning? ;)